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What we do?

Nextep provides comprehensive design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction services. With in-house engineering and external certification, they offer structural design, drafting, and 3D modeling. Manufacturing covers various materials, while construction includes specialized equipment for efficient project execution.

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Design and

Introducing Nextep's Design Capabilities: With in-house engineering, external RPEQ certification, and expertise in 3D modeling, CAD drawing, Solid Works, and Space Gas, Nextep offers comprehensive certified engineering, structural design, and drafting services.

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Nextep boasts a versatile manufacturing operation adept at working with diverse materials such as FRP, HDPE, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Our integrated approach of designing and manufacturing under a single roof ensures autonomy from external contractors, enabling us to rigorously manage timelines and quality control, resulting in superior product outcomes.


Nextep has made significant investments in a diverse range of lifting and transport equipment, ensuring cost-effective and dependable services for our clients. Our fleet includes a 10-meter reach crane truck, a 17-meter Tele-handler, and a 25-meter Roto slewing crane, all capable of providing both personnel support and precise equipment placement for optimal construction outcomes. Additionally, our Freightliner tri-axle low-loader efficiently transports materials and cranes to worksites, remaining on standby for swift relocation to multiple locations as needed.

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