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Step Irons

The Nextep Lofty Step System is an internationally patented range of high quality, corrosion resistant products.

Eye, Hand and Sole Technology

Oversized Reflective Lenses

Are available in red and green for low light working areas. This is engineering for the eye.


Power Grip

By using a polypropylene coating, we were able to form the plastic into an ergonomically designed grip. We call it the power grip because when one can get a better grip, one can apply more power, thus improving performance. Human engineering for the hand.


Sole Technology

We have developed features such as the “X” grid pattern on the stepping surface, and in the new Lofty Step System we have improved this sole technology by integrating a slight inward decline to ensure a safe stepping surface.

The Nextep step iron range of products offers the latest in manufacturing techniques using only the highest quality BC-66 polypropylene and a solid steel core (16mm).


Manufactured and tested according to several australian and international standards, they are used by major Water Authorities.


Nextep Step Irons are currently manufactured in a safety yellow polypropylene in three models.


  • Superior impact strength.

  • Usability in a wide range of temperatures -40 degrees to 120 degrees.

  • Excellent electrical insulation capability.

  • Excellent precision moulding properties and dimensional stability.

  • Low moisture absorption.

  • Excellent weather resistance.

  • Superior in self-extinguishing capabilities.

  • Superior transparency.

MWT 203 – 175mm centres



  • Sewer chambers.

  • Storm water chambers

  • Highly corrosive environments

  • Pre-cast concrete chambers & pits

  • External concrete walls

Approvals / Standards

  • Plastic encapsulated manhole step manufactured in accordance with AS1657:2018 – 7.6 and EN13101:2002 – 4.2.2

MWT 253 – 225mm centres

MWT 403 – 375mm centres








Statement of Performance


Ladders installed within tanks ensure that self-rescue is possible at all times, without relying on external access equipment.

It is important to be independent of any equipment that could break down, become
non-functional, or rely solely on the coordination and ability of an external rescue team.

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